i2Eye Meeting 2020

12 - 14 October 2020

We are proud to announce our third Autumn course on Innovative Imaging in Eye Disease, scheduled as an online conference, October 12-14, 2020. This year, we will expand the multidisciplinarity through sessions mixing physicists, biologists and ophthalmologists around specific medical issues related to ocular imaging. This is a unique opportunity to combine fields of knowledge for a better understanding of diseases and ultimately for better clinical care.
Similarly to speakers, the audience is expected to be a mix of physicists, biologists and ophthalmologists.
Abstract submission and free registration is now open (abstract deadline September 4th). Please use the form below to either submit your abstract if you wish to give a talk, or to simply register for this free event (in which case please fill out your details but leave the abstract title, authors and text sections blank).

Confirmed invited speakers include Jacque Duncan (University of California San Francisco), Austin Roorda (University of California Berkeley), Dierck Hillmann (University of Lübeck), Maciej Wojtkowski (Nicolaus Copernicus University Poland), Michael Pircher (Medical University of Vienna), Adam Dubis (University College London), Ethan Rossi and Kunal Dansingani (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), along with local Paris group members Kate GrieveMichel Paques, Florian Sennlaub, José Sahel, Serge MeimonMichael Atlan and clinical collaborators from the Quinze Vingts Hospital.