Current Projects


An ANR project led by Kate Grieve from 15-20 in collaboration with Sacha Reichman of the Vision Institute and Olivier Thouvenin of the Langevin Institute which aims to image retinal organoids in vitro with dynamic full field OCT.


ParisGroup under PI Michel Paques have been awarded funding from the Ile de France region to support development of their imaging devices.

Next Generation Optogenetics for Vision Restoration

5 year project grant from Foundation Fighting Blindness under PI Deniz Dalkara of the Vision Instiute. Kate Grieve and Ethan Rossi (University of Pittsburgh) are responsible for developing a novel in vivo imaging toolkit to assess remaining cells availabl


Imaging of retinal vessels of CADASIL patients, a rare genetic disease causing stroke. This 5 year multidisciplinary project is coordinated by Neurologists from Lariboisière Hospital.

Helmholtz, Synergy, European Research Council

An ERC-funded project jointly led by the Institut de la Vision and Institut Langevin dedicated to the development of novel ocular imaging setups.

Thome - Paris/Pittsburgh

A project led by Ethan Rossi at the University of Pittsburgh, which aims to analyze microscopic features of age-related macular degeneration and their correlation with genetic mutations.

RHU Light4deaf

A project led jointly by José-Alain Sahel and Christine Petit aimed at curing Usher syndrome, to which the Paris group contribute imaging tools for fine phenotyping of photoreceptors.

ANR EyeWin

An ANR funded project led by Cyril Petit from ONERA which aims to provide an advanced clinical tool to probe local neurovascular coupling in the retina at the micrometer and millisecond scale.

Merlin, H2020, European Research Council

The Paris group is a clinical partner in this ERC funded project led by Imagine Eyes, which aims to develop breakthrough medical instrumentation for imaging the back of the eye. The medical applications of MERLIN encompass a wide range of pathologies that impact the retina, including age-related macular degeneration, as well as chronic vascular conditions, including diabetes.


This ANR funded project aims to develop a clinical laser therapy device with precise beam delivery ensured by an adaptive optics feedback loop. Development of the therapeutic device is carried out in collaboration with industrial partner Quantel Medical and researchers at ONERA.