Josselin Gautier

Josselin  Gautier

Postdoc : Adaptive Optics ophthalmoscopy

Flood and Scanning Technology

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Josselin Gautier is postdoctoral researcher at the Paris Eye Imaging Unit (INSERM).
Since his PhD, Josselin explored human eye movements with optometrists of the Vision and Hearing science department at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He gratefully became mentored by Prof. Harold Bedell, from College of Optometry, University of Houston. Josselin joined a public-private startup with the CD6 laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Catalunya in Barcelona. He was involved in the design of an Eye Vision Analyzer for the automatic measurement of optometric indices in VR setting. In this context, he conducted both exploratory research and applications in the field of eye movements. Josselin supervised a PhD student in optometry, Clara Mestre, now defended. Josselin developed a patient-tested prototype of low-vision binocular assistive device with Biovision of Inria, Nice, France. Josselin completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley, CA, USA on binocular vision and eye movements with Prof. Marty Banks and Austin Roorda. Josselin recently joined the Paris eye group to continue his research with retinal imaging.


Multi-modal and multi-scale clinical retinal imaging system with pupil and retinal tracking

Muhammad Faizan Shirazi, Jordi Andilla, Nicolas Lefaudeux, Claudia Valdes, Florian Schwarzhans, Marine Durand, Konstantinos Ntatsis, Danilo Andrade De Jesus, Luisa Sanchez Brea, Kiyoko Gocho, Josselin Gautier, Christina Eckmann-Hansen, Marie Elise Wistrup Torm, Abdullah Amini, Stefan Klein, Theo Van Walsum, Kate Grieve, Michel Paques, Michael Larsen, Pablo Loza-Alvarez, Xavier Levecq, Nicolas Chateau, Michael Pircher
Scientific Reports - Nature Publishing Group
10th June 2022

Application of laser Doppler holography in the anterior segment to image blood flow and assess the corneal and lens transparency

23rd August 2021

Laser Doppler holography of the anterior segment for blood flow imaging, eye tracking, and transparency assessment

Biomedical optics express
7th July 2021

Measurement of retinal sensitivity and directionality in myopes with modified microperimetry and multimodal imaging approach

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
21st June 2021
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