Slava Mazlin

Slava Mazlin

Postdoc : in vivo corneal FFOCT

Full-Field OCT


PhD Institut Langevin, ESPCI,
PhD topic: In vivo FFOCT for cornea,
Postdoc Institut Langevin: In vivo FFOCT clinical prototype.


Real-time non-contact cellular imaging and angiography of human cornea and limbus with common-path full-field/SD-OCT.

Slava Mazlin, Xiao P , Jules Scholler, Irsch K, Kate Grieve, Fink M, Claude Boccara
Nature communications 11(1), 1-14

Curved-field optical coherence tomography: large-field imaging of human corneal cells and nerves

Slava Mazlin, Kristina Irsch, Michel Paques, Mathias Fink, Claude Boccara
2nd April 2020